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    Blog — duffle

    Must have bags for the business traveler (2 of 4)

    Must have bags for the business traveler (2 of 4)

    This week we are focusing on our large duffles: the Silvia and the Evy. These luxurious bags are a must-have for the global traveler. Travel in style with your fashion in tow with these large zippered duffle bags.

    The Silvia
    This large yet fashionable duffle is perfect for the traveler to just wanted to keep packing simple. Is this you? Do you want to just have a large bag you can easily open, set all of your clothing and goods inside, and zip it up and forget it? If so, then the Silvia is for you. This bag is made to catch a train, hop in an Uber, or flop on the beach. Your luggage should meet your needs as a traveler, not the other way around. If you like to keep it simple and you are often in a hurry then you need a bag that can keep up with you. You don't have time to drag something around or fold up handles. And after you get to your destination you want to empty it out and hide the bag under the bed. We understand.

    The Evy
    This bag is a bit more organized. Most noticeably it has a large zippered pocket underneath to house your running shoes or dirty clothes or maybe your adult beverage of choice. This bag is for your if you like to keep certain items separate. It also has a fixed shoulder strap so you don't have to keep track of that. This statement piece could easily keep you organized and on the move for a week or more.

    We feel that having the right luggage keeps unnecessary things from getting in your way as a traveler. You have sights to see, people to meet, places to go. You have more important things to worry about. Plus you don't mind making a statement along the way.

    These amazing bags move quickly in our boutique. Stop in today and ask Luca about them. Giuliano Firenze is only available in one location in the US, that is Luca's Boutique in Sioux Falls, SD.

    Must have bags for the business traveler (1 of 4)

    Must have bags for the business traveler (1 of 4)

    This week we are featuring the small duffle. This amazing travel companion is the single bag we would recommend every traveler, especially the business traveler, own and use. Its size is perfect. Its versatility is on point. It is easy to get through security with, carry on, and stow away.

    Easy to carry
    Let’s be honest, when you are late for your flight or about to miss a connection you need something you can zip through crowds with. Something that can take a bump and bruise. Something that is comfortable. The small duffle is your choice. Then once you board who wants to be the person that bangs everyone’s elbows all the way down the aisle?

    Easy through security
    Even if you have the TSA Pre-Check or Known Traveler Number you still need easy access to your electronics. The top flap pocket and side pockets are perfect for your collection of mobile devices. Need your iPad Mini? No problem. How about your point and shoot camera? It’s right there. If TSA needs you to pull those items for inspection it is super easy and your items will be safe.

    Just enough space
    You packed all of your outfits in your checked bags except one. It is nicely folded or rolled in your small duffle. This is for when your bags miss their flight and you have to head to the hotel for the night. The small duffle is your lifesaver. Your one extra outfit, toiletries, book, and electronics can carry you through.

    Be sure to check out our other travel bag options here. Need a whole new collection? No problem. Just ask Luca.

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