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    Blog — Quality

    Why Michelangelo is so important for me?

    Why Michelangelo is so important for me?

    In his twenties, Michelangelo was already creating perfection. His Pieta, crafted early on in his career as an artist, is an example of such physical beauty that it takes your breath away. Hundreds of people crowd to see this work of art every day in Rome, and amidst the crowds of people, getting pushed along by tourists and families with cameras, being in the presence of something so stunning is, actually, lonely.

    It is not perfection that we connect to. It is the raw emotion that Michelangelo showed later in his career that pulls us into an experience so transcendent that we are changed.

    One of Michelangelo’s last works, the Pietà Rondanini, was left unfinished. But in the eyes of the figure you can see the agony of the person, in this case the Christ, captured in a moment of struggle. Life is complex, and Michelangelo was exploring that complexity through the art he created later in life.

    His art got better-deeper, richer, more full-with age.

    If you run you hands over any one of our bags, you’ll experience the smooth and buttery feel of genuine Italian leather. We love the smell and feel of those bags, it’s so fresh and new. But these bags tell a different story after they go home with you.

    Leather starts to show scuffs and marks as it ages. Think about it- you take it with you in the day to day life, you take it to meetings or coffee dates or concerts or wherever. Over time you’ll see some marks here and there. And that’s ok, it’s lovely how leather ages. It becomes its own work of art, a sculpture of your days, carefully formed by your hand, over time. And it’s beautiful.

    One of the first books for the shop is a big book all about Michelangelo’s work. You can see several beautiful pictures of how he created things over time in this book, and when you flip through, you’ll see that as he got older, his work went much deeper. He was starting to show the scuff marks of his life in his work. And it’s beautiful.

    Take a look at the Michelangelo book the next time you’re in our shop, and ask about how leather ages. This is the information that we’d love to share with you, to show how this bag that we sell is going to become art.

    Immigrant-owned businesses are key to our success

    Immigrant-owned businesses are key to our success

    Immigrant-owned businesses are key to our success as a city.

    Unless you are from one of the indigenous tribes of North America, you or your family immigrated here. Only 2% of the current US population is Native American, so this means that the rest of us are immigrants to descendants of immigrants. And this is what makes America beautiful.

    Sioux Falls has a relatively young history nearly completely built by immigrants. Dutch, German, Norwegian, Irish, and Swedish families largely made up the first few generations of immigrants here. More recently people from all over the world have decided to call Sioux Falls home. And this makes Sioux Falls beautiful.

    And thank goodness for places like Sanaa's and Gilberto's for sharing cuisine from other countries with us. Thank goodness for Rug & Relic bringing us rich Turkish goods to delight our senses.

    And I'll be honest. It isn't easy, even when you are a citizen, to be an entrepreneur. To find a product or service you are passionate about and that meets the needs of a group of customers. Then to have cultural and language barriers on top...

    It is with honor that I bring to you my Italian craftsman-made goods. To know that my family's culture is stitched right into every product I sell brings me great joy.

    We are fortunate in Sioux Falls to have authentic experiences that respect someone's heritage. It is the truth within these products that bring a smile to our face and delight our senses.

    I would have never guessed that growing up in a small town in Italy would some day lead me here to be with you.

    Thank you for letting me share my culture. Thank you for sharing yours.

    If you have a moment this week, stop down to the boutique. I'd love to learn how you and your family ended up in Sioux Falls. I'd love to share my story.

    And when you are fortunate enough to do business with a first generation immigrant thank them. Thank them for continuing America's story. Thank them for making your town and your life more rich, more beautiful.

    I think moving here, becoming a citizen, and then opening a business is the most truly American thing you can do.

    Completing your travel ensemble

    Completing your travel ensemble

    For the last several blog posts we have focused on travel.

    Finally, we are focusing on the Everyday Carry bag. This is the bag that you will take with you throughout the day when you travel. You might store your duffles under the bed in the hotel, but this is the bag you will carry with you to event, dinner, on the train, etc.

    We suggest from 4 options.

    Option 1 - The Elisa

    Luca's Elisa Travel Bag

    This classic bag is timeless. You could wear it with jeans and a t-shirt and easily pull off a youthful look while maintaining your fashion standards.

    Option 2 - The Lynda

    Luca's Lynda travel bag

    This fashion forward design is unique to our brand. Only the most skilled craftsman know how to make this curved bottom design. This bag clearly communicates sophistication with a touch of playfulness.

    Option 3 - The Journalist

    Luca's The Journalist travel bag

    This unisex briefcase is perfect for the business traveler. Carry all of your essential items, even those you carry in your purse typically. This bag literally goes with everything.

    Option 4 - The Francesca

    Luca's The Francesca travel bag

    This sleek line option can go anywhere from the beach to the brewery. We carry several color options to reflect your taste.

    In summary, we believe that the right bags can set you up for pleasing, eye-catching, hassle-free travel.

    Call the boutique today to discuss your travel luggage needs!