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    What is your concealed carry when you travel?

    What is your concealed carry when you travel?

    No, we aren't referring to the type of pistol you carry when you travel. In most cases, that isn't legal or is a huge hassle. We are talking about what essential items should you carry on your person when you are in a big city or even traveling abroad.

    Here is our list of essential items that we think you should consider carrying.

    1. ID - If you are in the states this is typically your driver's license if you are abroad this is most likely your passport. You never know which event you attend or place you visit will ask you for your ID. We also recommend taking a picture of the front and back of your id and saving it on your phone in case you lose it and need information from it.

    2. Currency - This means cash and charge. If you are in the states you can still get away with a swipe card and paper cash. If you travel abroad you will probably need a chip card and some method of carrying coins. We recommend that you have some US cash and foreign cash and that you download a currency exchange app so that you don't get screwed negotiating with someone.

    3. Cell phone and accessories - We recommend carrying an extra USB charging cable in a Ziploc baggy in your concealed carry bag. If it starts to rain you can stick your phone in the bag and the cord won't get tangled up in your other stuff. Most other countries require that your phone gets a new chip installed or that those countries are "activated" on your plan. Be sure to talk to your provider before you go.

    4. Ibuprofen - If your health allows you to take ibuprofen we recommend carry a dozen pills of 200mg each. These work wonder for altitude sickness, muscle cramps, and even hangovers.

    5. Ear plugs - You might have earbuds to listen to music or talk on the phone but we recommend regular old 5 cent hardware store earplugs. These can dampen the noise of crying babies, barking dogs, or anything else keeping you awake.

    6. A pen and notepad - This can be super useful to take notes, write down critical information or even help with translating because sometimes you have to draw stick figures to get your point across.

    7. A flashlight - Or some sort of light as you are likely to get home late or have to navigate some space in the dark.

    If you are traveling abroad, we recommend finding a super close fitting bag that can carry all of the above items but also go underneath a coat or button down shirt. This will allow you to be hands-free and know that your most critical items are the closest to you.

    The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Lady

    The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Lady

    Let's be honest, it can be hard to find a gift that truly reflects how you feel about the amazing woman in your life. You've done the jewelry thing. You've even traveled a bit. This time you want to get her something that makes a statement and won't collect dust in the closet. She is classy yet practical. We think that the perfect gift is a Nobile (pronounced [nò-bi-le]) handbag. These bags are only available at our boutique and in our partner store in Rome.

    Nobile handbags are handcrafted with old world techniques. They are made one at a time. Duplicates are only made if someone loves a design and requests it. The quality of craftsmanship is so amazingly apparent the second you pick up the bag. "It just feels right," is something we regularly hear.

    Our craftsman, Massimo, in his shop

    All of our bags say something. Some are loud and draw attention. Others are subtle, yet strong. And this truly reflects our customer base. We have been blessed with the most amazing women customers.

    We encourage you to stop into the boutique this week. We know that within seconds your eye will catch the bag that is perfect for your lady. We are so excited to meet you.

    Must have bags for the business traveler (2 of 4)

    Must have bags for the business traveler (2 of 4)

    This week we are focusing on our large duffles: the Silvia and the Evy. These luxurious bags are a must-have for the global traveler. Travel in style with your fashion in tow with these large zippered duffle bags.

    The Silvia
    This large yet fashionable duffle is perfect for the traveler to just wanted to keep packing simple. Is this you? Do you want to just have a large bag you can easily open, set all of your clothing and goods inside, and zip it up and forget it? If so, then the Silvia is for you. This bag is made to catch a train, hop in an Uber, or flop on the beach. Your luggage should meet your needs as a traveler, not the other way around. If you like to keep it simple and you are often in a hurry then you need a bag that can keep up with you. You don't have time to drag something around or fold up handles. And after you get to your destination you want to empty it out and hide the bag under the bed. We understand.

    The Evy
    This bag is a bit more organized. Most noticeably it has a large zippered pocket underneath to house your running shoes or dirty clothes or maybe your adult beverage of choice. This bag is for your if you like to keep certain items separate. It also has a fixed shoulder strap so you don't have to keep track of that. This statement piece could easily keep you organized and on the move for a week or more.

    We feel that having the right luggage keeps unnecessary things from getting in your way as a traveler. You have sights to see, people to meet, places to go. You have more important things to worry about. Plus you don't mind making a statement along the way.

    These amazing bags move quickly in our boutique. Stop in today and ask Luca about them. Giuliano Firenze is only available in one location in the US, that is Luca's Boutique in Sioux Falls, SD.

    Luca's Boutique: How to find bag that reflects you.

    Luca's Boutique: How to find bag that reflects you.

    What accessory do you use the most? Is it a watch? How about your favorite necklace? Is it a bag? It's funny how an accessory can become part of us. We identify with it. It reflects us. Maybe you are a practical mother of 4 and need a bag you can sling over cross-body because you are busy with active children. Maybe you have a work bag that holds everything you need daily. Regardless of the product, it is always interesting what we latch onto. What we feel is our sidekick. Something we can depend on. It is even better if it brings a smile and curiosity to others.

    There comes a time, as a consumer, where the quality of your product matters. You are tired of spending money only to have the product wear out. You remember that your grandpa has had his Stetson cowboy hat for half a century… and still wears it. You have taken a ride in a 1968 Mustang Convertible with leather seats, and you can just feel that it was built to last. Somehow we inherently know quality. We also instinctively know when something is made with craftsmen hands or with machines. It's not that machined products are bad, but they can be inhuman. Magically, handmade, craftsman- made goods always feel the part. It is like we are shaking hands with the maker when we hold it... when we wear it.

    Each and every one of our bags is made by a craftsman. They are made to reflect you. To tell your story. You will connect with them. You will connect with the maker. We make beautiful Italian craftsman bags for you. Not for the masses. For you specifically. We know that if you stop down to our boutique you will find your bag, or it will find you. It is always a joy to watch this happen. We love playing matchmaker.

    Recently we invited a new customer into our space for the first time and just filmed what happened. And now we invite you to watch this short clip and join her on her journey. Maybe it can be your journey too! After you watch the video we invite you to stop into the store and ask for Luca.

    Italian Fashion.

    Italy is home to some of the best fashion houses and design labels in the world. It is famous for producing top class talents and designs that have attained worldwide appeal and recognition. Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace are some of the Italian brands that have ruled the fashion world for years now. Italian fashion is celebrated for its uniqueness, distinguishable elegance, innovative designs and creativity setting it apart from fashion brands from other parts of the world.

    Italian fashion gained worldwide prominence in the 20th century following the first ever Italian fashion show that was held in Florence. This might have been the case but the Italian art scene traces its root back to the 16th century when cities such as Milan, Venice, Palermo and Naples started producing luxury goods such as jewelry and hats for the high end market.

    Following the first successful fashion show that was arranged by Count Giovanni Battista Giorgini, Italy was able to showcase its designs to the world. With the unique designs on display, Italy left a footprint in the fashion world that has remained ever since. What followed was a series of fashion shows and events in different parts of the country with the emphasis shifting from Florence to Rome and Milan.

    From this point Italian fashion grew in leaps and bounds and it was able to compete with renowned French brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel in terms of quality and uniqueness of designs.

    Italian fashion has never looked back ever since with the City of Milan ranked as one of the four fashion capitals in the world alongside Paris, London and New York. This is testament to the hard work, perseverance and dedication of Italian manufactures in ensuring that fashion goods manufactured in Italy are marks of quality and excellent craftsmanship.

    Italians are proud people who believe in beautiful things. They portray this belief in the work of their hands and this is why Italian products are adored the world over. This has made products with the label “Made in Italy” quite popular.  

    The label “Made in Italy” is a mark of quality used to indicate the international uniqueness of Italian products. It has become a synonym of quality, elegance and innovation. Just like anything good, the “Made in Italy” brand has been prone to exploitation with shoddy business men looking to ride on its fame. Such businesses have their products manufactured elsewhere and then ship the products to Italy for the finishing touches so that it might be stamped with the “Made in Italy” label. This makes it easy to market the products to fashion-conscious customers who only want “Made in Italy” products. Those without a keen eye for details end up buying such products which are usually substandard as they have not been subjected to the Italian production process. Such products are not as durable as the real Italian goods and were it not for the intervention of Italian agencies and law makers, Italian fashion would have lost its significance and place in society.

    A law was passed by the Italian Parliament in 2009 stating that only the products that are totally made in Italy could use the label “Made in Italy”. This means that for a product to receive this mark, the entire production process from design, planning, manufacturing and packaging has to be done in Italy. This law helped protect the integrity of Italian manufacturers and Italian products.

    Italian fashion is appreciated by the high and might in the society with figures of Royalty donning Italian creations the world over. The former First Lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy wore a dress by Valentino at her wedding. Marylyn Monroe was a fan of Italian fashion as well and she would be spotted wearing shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo. Michael Jackson, the greatest pop star of our time, used to wear hats designed by Borsalino. 

    At Luca’s Boutique we are looking to continue with this culture through the excellent products that we stock at our store. We stock high quality leather goods under the Nobile Roma brand and fine sqel cashmere garments. The brand Nobile Roma was established in 1984 and since its inception this brand has been devoted to the simple task of enhancing people’s lives through fine leather products crafted with heart and soul. Our products are unique and each item has been crafted in line with Italian laws of leather production.

    Our products are symbols of the Italian desire to fill the world with joy, love and laughter. They are elements of cultural significance such as the saddle bags that honor the equestrian culture.

    The cashmere products in our store are made in Umbria, Italy by a small but a well-structured company known as Ti.Pi Italiani. Ti.Pi Italiani sources its cashmere from Cariaggi Fine Yarns Collection which is one of the best companies in the world in the production of yarn.

    Our collaboration with all these companies ensures that the products stocked in our boutique are of the highest quality. Products that bring out your individuality and capture your sophistication and sense of style. This way we fly the Italian flag high in this part of the world and promote Italian fashion to the masses.

    Join us in this journey and be part of a movement. Visit or store on 8th Street Railroad Center's Sioux Falls or check our website for the best leather and cashmere products.