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    Attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and timeless design are the elements that go into the design of the unique items found at 8th Street and Railroad Center's latest shop Luca's Boutique. You have to take an up close look at the rows of leather handbags and racks of fine cashmere attires to appreciate the beauty and artistry of our designs. With a warm smile and a pure Italian accent, business owner Luca Papini receives his clients and proudly points out the intricate details found in each of the hand-made bags.

    With the help of business partner and custom designer, Fabrizio Giusti, the duo developed their specialized brand of bags called Nobile. While Papini runs the business in Sioux Falls, Giusti is based in Italy where he has access to the finest materials and is privy to the latest trends. Handbags are fabricated overseas by master artisans and craftsmen and they are shipped to Sioux Falls.

    Each handbag features a perfect balance of timeless chic and runway-ready-design infused with the quality craftsmanship of Italian designers. "I have a keen eye for the fine details," says Papini. “Producing these pieces is a spiritual journey that goes beyond the sale."

    "Our bags are one of a kind," he adds of the high-end merchandise. Apart from using top of the line materials that mirror famed brands such as Gucci and Prada, Papini's line of Nobile bags also boast fine craftsmanship and are made to stand the test of time. 

    Even though Papini moved from his native land over nine years ago, he keeps his finger on the pulse of the latest products through visual Italian decor. Scenic landscapes of Tuscany grace the walls of the quaint boutique and books featuring famous architecture are stacked on shelves. "These scenes remind me of my home and serve as my inspiration," says Papini as he scrolls through a book of Michelangelo masterpieces.

    In addition to handbags, Luca offers accessories such as belts, cigars holders and excellent cashmere for both women and men. "I take pride in conserving the environment and that is why we started using high-end leather remnants to create small coin purses and keychains," he adds. These smaller pieces add a touch of class and make the merchandise affordable when they are purchased as a package. And when Papini isn't meeting with clients or running the boutique, he hits the road to showcase their products and latest trends on a truck that moves through the local community. "This has been my dream," says Papini. "It's very special to be able to offer my culture and its beauty to people of this area through this boutique."

    Take a trip to Sioux Falls and check out Luca's Boutique located at 311S Phillips Avenue, Sioux Falls SD or schedule an appointment by calling 605-212-2655.