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    I am Luca, the owner of Luca's Boutique. I was born in southern Tuscany. A land kissed by the sun and the sea. My family’s origin is spread all over Italy. Some of the traditions that I continually follow is the passion for high end products and the beauty of the world. My Great Grandfather was the Italian ambassador to Japan. I always admired his willingness to know the people and build friendships with them. My grandmother worked for Christian Dior in Italy in the 60’s and the 70’s. My uncle was a partner in one of the biggest Italian cashmere companies, and now he has his own cashmere production company. I have always been exposed to incredible people, places and situations.

    What strikes me the most is that the most beautiful creations require detachment and silence. What I mean by this is that inspiration comes to us when we pause and listen to what is around us from people to nature. This way we are able to transfer what we see and what we feel into what we do. Mindfulness is key in everything we do. The awareness of ourselves and what surrounds us is the key to understanding, to acting, and to love. Without inspiration there is no mission, without mission there is no belief, and without belief there is no life.

    Life has always been the core of everything I do. I have always been a seeker of life; of what makes life possible and beautiful and what happens when ideas are turned to reality and when people meet other interesting and vibrant people.  There is a spark of magic in everything we do when love and life are the priorities. That is why our business was not born from a great idea but from a great friendship; the friendship between Fabrizio and me. He is the mastermind behind our product line, and he lives in Rome, Italy. His personality and passion caught my attention and interest. We both believe that art is the biggest expression by humans.

    That is why our company and products are built around this challenge: to create the awareness of beauty, dignity and mindfulness to the whole world. Embracing humans as the most precious beings and embracing their prospective and horizons with light and joy.