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    Cashmere is one of the most luxurious and precious natural fabrics found in the world. This excellent fabric is known for its warmth, quality and exceptional softness. Nothing is as cozy, luxurious and comfortable as a piece of clothing made of 100% pure cashmere material.

    Cashmere wool is obtained from cashmere goats found in the regions of Northern China and Mongolia. These goats produce a thick double fleece made up of a soft undercoat of fine hair (usually referred to as underdown) within an outer coat of straighter and coarse hair (known as guard hair). These goats molt once a year and it is during this time that the cashmere is extracted from the goats through combing. The extracted raw cashmere contains a lot more than just the underdown and the coarse guard hair. It also contains dirt, vegetable matter, animal grease and a lot more other impurities.

    It is washed to remove all these impurities before dehairing takes place. Dehairing is a process that aims to separate the coarse guard hair from the fine underdown. The mingled mass fiber is passed through a dehairing machine that selectively allows the fine underdown to pass through as the course guard hair is removed.

    Once the cashmere has been dehaired it is ready for shipment to weavers, knitters and spinners in different parts of the world. This preparation process is usually done by local workers in the cashmere producing regions before it is shipped worldwide to be fine-tuned into cashmere garments.

    The dehaired cashmere is then converted into yarn on woolen or cotton yarn machines. If the cashmere fiber is to be converted into worsted yarn it must be subjected to an additional process known as combing. Combing is performed so as to remove short fibers and retain the long fibers that are placed in parallel form. The worsted yarn is then woven into clothes or knitted into garments.

    Italy is one of the world’s leading cashmere garment manufacturer with its designs and applied craftsmanship second to none. Utmost care is taken to ensure that only the finest cashmere wool is used to make our products. In as much as most of the cashmere wool originates from the same region what makes Italian cashmere garments stand out is the detailed production process that we subject to the yarn.

    Italian companies boost a rich history and a prestigious heritage in processing cashmere. Our industries are operate by skilled workers that exude industrial excellence and the precision of craftsmen. This not only guarantees you excellently crafted products but helps you save money as our products last for a very long time.

    Our products are unique and the standard soft feel of cashmere is evident in all garments. In the era of unscrupulous businessmen and cheats in the textile industry, Italian cashmere goods still retain the honesty, love and openness of its people.

    Innovation and technological advancement have altered the way of doing business the world over. In as much as we believe that the human touch gives products a unique and individual touch, automated machines and technology has allowed us to boost our production and we are now able to reach a large portion of cashmere lovers in need of genuine products.

    The idea of dying cashmere is relatively alien. Most people considered it a taboo until Italian firms showed that it is possible. Through extensive research and a careful development plan, a technique of dying cashmere using natural plant extracts was discovered. The natural plant ingredients are dried and finely ground before they are mixed with water. The cashmere wool is soaked in this mixture for a while and the result is a perfectly dyed cashmere that is rich in the dyed color. This entire process is totally environmentally friendly and this is further proof that Italians are world beaters in the textile industry



    At Luca’s Boutique we stock fine cashmere garments sourced from a small company located in one of Italy’s textile clusters in the Umbria region, Ti.PI Italiani. Ti.PI Italiani is a small but a well-structured firm that is managed by a group of entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience obtained while working at Brunello Cucinelli. TI.PI Italiani main supplier of cashmere yarn is Cariaggi Fine Yarns Collection.  Cariaggi Fine Yarns Collection is located in the Marche region, near the borders with Umbria, within one of the most important Italian cashmere production clusters where the knitwear production process from the yarn to finished products is concentrated.

    Thanks to their collaboration with fashion designers such as Leetha and Ursula Conzen, Ti.Pi. is able to offer its customers high-quality, stylish, Made-in-Umbria cashmere products. 
    The partnership between Ti.Pi Italiani and Luca’s Boutique allows high-quality Italian cashmere to be known and appreciated through products and items mirroring the history of their beautiful land of origin.