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    In the aftermath of World War II much of Italy was left desolate. After years of rebuilding the Italian economy of the 70’s was booming. My grandmother Rosanna Ridolfini Valentini started working for the French Brand Christian Dior; she traveled the Italian country side in a sports car with a trunk full of products. By spreading her love for Dior she hoped to lift the spirits of someone who felt worthless and undesired. She was pursuing her passion of making the world a better place and created a legacy of hard work and perseverance for her family. It takes guts and determination to not let things distract you from your path.
    She was given a sports car to travel and a pile of cash to pay for her and her clients needs because at that point in time there was not such thing as a credit card. She stacked the products in the back of her car and went on to the unknown . One of those trips she was almost run out of the road by an unknown assailant but luckily, her sports car and with her quick wit averted the danger. She has been an inspiration to me through my whole life. She is a wise and tough woman, full of courage and love. I’m so lucky to have my grandmother as my biggest inspiration.
    So as I embarked in this adventure of having my own business , I mirrored my grandmother as I first started selling purses out the trunk of my car. And the great thing is that I found people willing to trust me and my products.