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    LUCA store is the importer and distributor in the USA of the Italian Brand Nobile Roma. Nobile Roma is an Italian brand established in 1984 in Rome Italy. Since its inception, Nobile Roma’s products have been crafted with the love for beauty, harmony and the desire to give men and women real products that add real value to their lives, inspire them to greatness and spur their creative spirits. Our products are unique and each item is special in its own way. The creativity and detailed craftsmanship that goes into the design of each product capture your sophistication and sense of style every time you adorn our leather products. For 35 years now, Nobile Roma has been devoted to a very simple task: to produce the finest leather products known to human. And for over 35 years we have succeeded in doing just that. By making leather products that are real and valuable, we are able to live up to our brand proposition which is, “Love always wins”.