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    We are delighted to introduce our line of Vintage purses. They stand the test of time because of the craftsmanship that was applied to them. They are a voice of the past that speaks to us now because it is relevant to our time. The world in which we live in moves at a rapid pace, everything an all is looked at, used, forgotten soon after. We are bringing back the essence that not everything is gone and forgotten . The reason our vintage Italian bags are what they are is because the technic and care that took to make a piece that was done with the upmost detail. As you gaze upon these vintage bags you can feel, see and experience what that craftsman was thinking as he applied the learned skills from his antecessor. He establish a fashion piece that have endured for generations and the generation now and the ones ahead of us will still enjoy a piece of art made for them to enjoy just as they did their former owners.