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    This business has been such an adventure since the beginning. I started as a chef at The Market on 6th Street. Then an opportunity to start my own business opened up when a second floor space at 8th and Railroad became available. I jumped at that chance! I met my first clients there and started to establish a small following. 

    So, I went on to pursue my dreams, making you smile with leather beauties of Italian craftsmanship . As months went by and the sky turned from blue to the fall grey, purple  and orange, another break came as a location opened up right on the board walk. I  believe me when I say that I have put sweat and blood into this business, literally! 

    When the space came available on the boardwalk, the windows were covered with a dark film that prevented light from coming into the room. So per my motto, I rolled up my sleeves and went to work by himself to move the store downstairs. I was scrapping the film from the windows when the sharp instrument I was using slipped out of my hand and cut my right leg shin. I picked up some of the film I was scrapping (a little unsanitary , I know)  and used it on to the cut to try to stop the bleeding. I then drove myself to the E.R. where I got 12 stitches! Then went back and finished what I started. All in a days work! But that allowed me to open the store for the First Friday of 2016!

    Ultimately what we do expresses who we are and our dignity. Building a business is like building a cathedral: every piece needs to be in the right place and do it's work for us to able to enjoy it's fruits of beauty and spirituality. I love and find satisfaction in this process of building and giving just because of the process.