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    Luca’s passion is in handcrafted Italian purses. His dream is for every woman and man to have a piece of history, a piece of luxury, that will complement their lifestyle. His passions run deep and you can feel it as he speaks excitedly about the purses when you visit the store. What most people don’t know is that his love for purses started early in his childhood back in his native Italy. 

    He has been influenced by his surroundings while growing up in Italy from the liveliness of the culture all the way to the ancient buildings still standing as a testament to perseverance of all things Italian. One of his greatest influences is from his grandmother who worked for Dior as the Head of Brand Development in Italy. She use to drive all over italy with a sports car full of merchandise trying establish the new products throughout the region.  

    Luca has instituted the motto of “The right handbag can change your life.” He stands behind this belief and so do the hundreds of clients who now carry his genuine Italian purses.